I am an artist, educator, and documentarian that loves to draw and, despite being colorblind, enjoys painting. Most of my work is figurative and reflects thoughts and musings regarding my own life, circumstances, and events that I have experienced over the years.

As of late, my work has begun to reflect my thoughts and feelings about race and identity in America, focusing on stereotypes of the African American Male and Female within the paradigm of the African American Community.


Pass/Fail Vol. VI: Edith
©2019 Steven M. Cozart. All Rights Reserved

Classism and Colorism in the African American Community

This series of drawings, paintings, and mixed media collages refer to the historical practice, in African American communities, of colorism. In fact, these comparisons could be based upon several physical traits, including hair texture, gender roles, and other traits, myths, and fallacies prevalent in the community. Acts of colorism would include, for example, comparing a brown paper bag to skin tone in determining admission or exclusion in social circles.

The goal of the work is to begin a conversation within a public space about why these things are so prevalent within the African-American community, given the community’s history in the United States.